About Us

We are an American based representative firm that was established in 2008 specializing in bringing together US and Middle East partners for the development of business opportunities. Our personal knowledge and experience in the culture and customs of the Middle East, as well as our presence in the region, makes us uniquely qualified to not only develop opportunities, but to take them every step of the way to fruition and long term growth.

Both the United States and the Middle East are ripe with economic growth opportunities. Never has there been a greater opportunity to capitalize on the current economic conditions to develop and foster a solid and sustained long term business opportunity. But in order to gain the maximum advantage, a clear and experienced understanding of doing business with both regions must exist. JMA International provides that clear understanding based on our experience and presence.

Our philosophy is based on building a long term personal relationship with each of our business partners. By building a strong understanding of who our clients are and what they stand for, we can better serve all parties involved to identify and develop lasting business opportunities.